SQL Server 2016 release date is June 1

Microsoft SQL team announced today morning at 9:00 am EST that the the release date for SQL Server 2016 is June 1st.

Important points to note here is the following features are Enterprise only.

(1) Enterprise data management (Master Data Services, Data Quality Services)
(2) Advanced OLTP (In-memory OLTP, Operational analytics)
(3) Advanced HA (Always On – multi-node, multi-db failover, readable secondaries)
(4) Advanced security (Transparent Data Encryption, Always Encrypted)
(5) Advanced data integration (Fuzzy grouping and look ups, change data capture)
(6) Data warehousing (In-Memory ColumnStore, Partitioning)
(7) Mobile BI (Datazen)
(8) Advanced Corporate Business Intelligence (Advanced tabular model, Direct query,
in-memory analytics, advanced data mining)
(9) Advanced “R” integration (Full parallelism for RRE)

Reference : https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/dataplatforminsider/2016/05/02/get-ready-sql-server-2016-coming-on-june-1st/


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