not running expiring soon

Expiring Soon

When looking at the replication monitor, a message may appear under the ‘status’ column of the subscription watch tab that displays the message ‘not running expiring soon’.

This message is caused when a specific elapsed time has occurred since the last transaction.  This typically occurs on publications that are on a schedule or the msrepl_commands table has a high table count.   It can also occur when the replication monitor has not fully refreshed the history tables.

A publication that is not currently running and has this message displayed for a certain length of time may become marked inactive.  When a publication is marked inactive, the next remedy is to re-push a snapshot or change the system table flag.

To avoid the above situation:

  • Right click on agent and ‘Stop Synchronizing’
  • Once stopped, right-click and ‘Start Synchronizing’

Issuing both these commands will get the agent back online.  If this doesn’t clear the message within a minute,  you see a message that says ‘Expiring soon/ Expired’. Repeat the above steps.  This will cause the status to be updated in the history tables.  The agent into a critical status, but will eventually be marked as excellent.  If the status says critical, it is okay and just indicates that the history tables have not been updated yet.



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