Resources to Get started on Learning SQL SERVER 2012

I have been asked my so many people how to get started learning on SQL SERVER 2012.

Last year when the product got released in April 2012, I have started by below links first, It needs so many hours of preparation to complete the below videos and tutorials

Before I went for my first project on SQL Server 2012 upgrade project where I need to move some 300 servers from SQL 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2012 I have completed these videos first then I started playing with AG’S.

I hope you will find these resources useful

(1)    Mission Critical Confidence using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 

This course provides IT Professionals and business decision makers with a comprehensive look at the capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server as they pertain to creating reliable, secure and robust Mission Critical applications. The 9 modules of this course will teach you:

 Note: After completion of every module there is a knowledge test. There is only once chance to give this test. So make sure to download the notes and watch the videos attentively

(2)    Videos of “Jonathan Kehayias” on SQL SERVER 2012

 (3)    Videos from SQL CAT Team on SQL SERVER 2012 ( Recordings from Last year TechEd North America 2012)

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